Published On: Sat, Oct 17th, 2015

adventure Time‘s Ice King Will Get His own comedian ebook Mini-sequence


The adventure Time comedian books have been an excellent chance to delve into one of the crucial exhibit’s delightful secondary characters — like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, who continuously need to play a backseat role in desire of Finn and Jake’s adventures. The comic has given these different characters room to unfold their wings and shine … so i assume it makes sense that there’d be a brand new mini-series deliberate to focus on adventure Time‘s super-creepy antagonist, the Ice King. finally, his adventures deserve their time within the highlight too. perhaps.

journey Time arcs on the exhibit can also be pretty hit-or-miss relying on the author, however on the whole, i believe the exhibit has done a lot of fascinating things with the Ice King. He’s an evil wizard with a penchant for kidnapping ladies, which is also the oldest possible villain trope within the e-book — like, maybe even older than books themselves — yet journey Time has managed to humanize him. despite permitting the viewer to pity the Ice King, it’s at all times concurrently made clear right through the exhibit that his actions are wrong and that he may be making better decisions (unlike, say, the presentation of the Riddler on Gotham, who is frequently framed as sympathetic in spite of his relentless harassment of a disinterested girl).

So, even although the Ice King is undeniably a jerk, i think his story may be instructed neatly, in the right hands. The planned crew appears like they’ll be more than ready to face the challenge: Emily Partridge will likely be writing the ebook, with Natalie Andrewson because the artist.

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